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Do you need to have a Marketing Plan?​​

 The need for a company to come up with a viable marketing plan cannot be underestimated in the modern era of business. The development of technology and other conjoining factors such as improved global communication, infrastructure and international relations has led to the possibility of a company having a worldwide reach no matter where their initial headquarters are based. This in turn has resulted in the rise of competition within all industries, as companies are no longer battling for consumers with firms that are just in their region, but potentially any established business around the world that is similar to theirs. Developing a successful marketing plan can give a business the edge it needs to stay ahead of those they are competing with for market share.​​

Hiring a professional to handle the structure of a company’s marketing plan is a great way to ensure that a business implements a blueprint that is most suitable for their scenario. Marketing can be simply described as the overall efforts of an individual/group to promote their products/services to a target audience with the main aim of gaining a foothold with regard to familiarity amongst those who are targeted. In short, it aims to ensure that people are aware of a company’s presence, and regard this knowledge in a positive light. Retaining professional services enhance the chances of a company achieving this objective. 

Marketing Breakdown

  Any professional marketer who is worth their salt will focus on a number of sectors in relation to the development of a marketing plan. This breakdown of the overall activity (marketing) allows a company to fine-tune their outreach program in order to meet the goals or objectives that they may have set out for themselves. Some of the areas that a business may choose to focus on when dealing with a marketing plan can include:
  1. I. The Target Audience
    A target audience can be described as the specific people that a company is aiming to reach with their marketing activities. A company chooses their target audience based on the kind of people who are most likely to be interested in the products/services that are on offer. It is essential that the message being delivered via marketing is tailor-made to attract the attention of potential clients/customers in order for any marketing strategy to gain success in its endeavors. The target audience can be chosen based on age and/or social groups, geographical locations or purchasing power amongst other criteria.
  2. II. Available Budget
    The amount of money that a company is willing or able to spend on their marketing endeavors will determine the range of possibilities available to them with regard to marketing activities. Hiring a professional to handle a company’s marketing allows a business to get the best value for money in relation to their efforts. It should be noted that the smaller the budget a company has, the more complex it is to derive a successful marketing plan.
  3. III. Creativity
    The more unique a marketing plan is, the likelier it will be to gain attention. The internet and TV is filled with numerous ads and marketing campaigns aiming to make a name for themselves, and run-of-the-mill approaches can no longer cut it with an audience that has endured a barrage of offers over the years. A company needs to ensure that the professional they hire is able to think “outside of the box” in a bid to gain better leverage over their competition.
  We will research and build a marketing plan that takes the confusion out of your marketing needs and adds efficiency so that you can put more of your efforts elsewhere. Our staff will create a five-point marketing plan that addresses the following:  

  1. 1
    Situation Analysis
    Identifies your target market, industry trends, competition, and unique product value.
  2. 2
    Target Market
    Analyzes your target audience giving you the necessary information to attract customers most likely to purchase your product.
  3. 3
    Marketing Strategy
    Clarifies your product, determines the best price to increase profit margins, and addresses ways to promote and where to place your product so that it is seen by consumers who are most likely to be converted to customers.
  4. 4
    Objective and Tactics
    Outlines your goals and gives the necessary steps to achieve those goals.
  5. 5
    Sales and Budget
    Forecasts your monthly marketing expenses and anticipated revenue.
Our marketing plan services involve walking our potential clients through the various factors and elements that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with a viable strategy. The plans derived are unique and custom made to suit the particular client it is aimed for. All prior suggestions from our clients are also taken into consideration, and our staff can be easily contacted for any potential queries or suggestions that they may have.

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